5"Amiga" was the leader of the consortium which, from the foundation to the roof, including the complete infrastructure, built the building of the control tower of airport Morava in Lađevci. According to an earlier idea this military airport is rapidly adapted for civilian air traffic.
The works were carried out for 6 months and on it civilian planes with up to 100 passengers can land. Thereby this exclusively military airport started functioning as a mixed civilian-military air port. Complete tracking and management of civilian traffic is carried out using the newly-mounted devices from this control tower.
The value of investments amounted to more than two million and due to the complexity and volume of works on it at some moments up to 200 workers were engaged. Within the project "Amiga" performed works on the construction of boiler room, heating pipeline, power stations, energy feeds, transport infrastructure and parking lots, water supply systems, devices for waste water treatment and drainage systems and complete command signaling works on the existing military runway, in order to include it in the system of control tower for civil airport.
The construction of the control tower in Lađevci represents a great reference for Amiga, because our company has proven that it can meet all the conditions required by the specific construction of such a facility incorporating the state-of-art equipment.

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