In Lajkovac on area of 10 hectars we built 12 production and several supporting facilities, with a total area of about 22,000 square meters with complete infrastructure. Despite the difficult geotechnical conditions and unfavorable weather conditions, the farm has been built and put into full production capacity within seven months. Depending on the phase of construction on site in Lajkovac from 70 to 130 workers  ofAmiga were present, of all professions and a large number of machines and equipment.
This representative agro-industrial facility, according to the statement of the investor "Vindija" from Varazdin, is one of the most modern of its type in Southeast Europe. The structure and quality of constructed facilities and installed equipment are far beyond the minimum standards laid down for the production of this type.
Based on the positive experience in the implementation of this project, for the same investor, we have done two production facility in Plandište: slaughterhouse and a farm for breeding, with smaller capacity.


 Vinđija - Lajkovac  Vinđija - Lajkovac  Vinđija - Lajkovac


 Vinđija  Vinđija